Terms & Condition


2) Agree you are 18 years and above of age to place this order

3) All goods will be dispatched only after the receipt of 100% payment in advance

4) Once goods are sold no return will be entertained

5) In case of any product not in stock, it shall be replaced by another of same functionality or its Value

6) After the goods are dispatched we shall inform you the Transport Details (Name of the Transporter, Contact Number, Way bill no, No of parcels etc)

7) It’s your responsibility to coordinate with the transporter and collect the same at the earliest

8) We shall not be held responsible for any Loss or Damage of goods caused by the transporter

9) Please read the shipping policy carefully before ordering

10) Transport insurance / Octori charges will be extra

11) Crackers cannot be sent through courier services

12) Prices are inclusive of all taxes, packing and forwarding charges only

13) Transportation charges will be Extra

14) Shipping of goods solely depends on the Transporter

15) Subject to SIVAKASI jurisdiction